Lake Street, Huntington Beach

Welcome to the real estate information page for Lake Street in Huntington Beach.  Lake Street runs parallel to Main Street and is approximately 2.5 miles long.  It begins at Yorktown at the entrance to the gated community of PACIFIC RANCH and dead ends just a block from the beach at Walnut.

We have chosen to dedicate a web page to Lake Street because of its popularity.  It offers homeowners a chance to enjoy the “beach lifestyle” without as much beach traffic.  It also offers great diversity in terms of housing.  There are small and large condo developments as well as spacious single family homes.

One of the largest condo developments on Lake Street is the Huntington Bayshore community.  It is made up of multi-level condos with subterranean parking.  Many of the condos here have ocean views and it is located just a block to the beach and the great restaurants and shopping on Main Street.

As you travel a few blocks inland, you will see smaller but very nice townhomes.  Some are two-story with garages and of course are still just a short walk to the beach.  The single-family homes on Lake Street are spacious and newer built.  They offer families a chance to live right at the beach without having to deal with the “craziness” of the numbered streets downtown.

Situated right in the middle of Lake Street is the very popular Lake Park.  This was the second park developed in the city of Huntington Beach.  They acquired the land in 1912 and was named “Lake Park” because it used to have a small fly-fishing lake.  This area has since been covered and is currently a children’s playground.

If you are looking to become a homeowner at the beach, you need to consider living on Lake Street!  Below are all the currently available homes for sale on Lake Street.  If you see something you like, or would like to explore other options, CONTACT US TODAY!  Our office is just a few blocks away!!

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